Skincare Routine

Dr Hahn's skincare products


Morning Routine 

For anyone who wakes up with skin that’s a little on the dry side, our Deep Hydration Toner will remove excess dirt and prime skin for taking in moisturiser. Once you have cleansed your skin, use this toner with a cotton pad to help the oils really penetrate. Once you have prepped the skin with toner, use your favourite cream or our Deep Hydration Emulsion to ensure your skin is moisturised for the day.


Evening Routine 

Most often at the end of the day, our skin has handled a bit of wear and tear. (We need to remove makeup and Dr Hahn’s Deep Hydration Toner is amazing for this step). Wash your skin with your favourite cleanser, then use your deep hydration toner to remove any excess dirt left on your skin. After a fresh and clean face, apply our Revi:Cell serum onto the skin. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles and enhances the firmness by strengthening the infrastructure of the dermal skin. Once your serum is soaked in, use our Revi:Cell Youth cream to improve skin texture, firmness and colour tone.


Double Cleanse Routine 

When it comes to skin care, we’re sometimes guilty of being maximalists – and sometimes, one cleanse just isn’t enough. For fans of double cleansing, we’d repeat the evening routine; but rather than rinsing after massaging in the product, we’d go in with a foam or gel cleanser. 

The combination of textures and formats works to attack debris and bonded oils, to sweep everything off our skin and out of our pores. This is for fans of that squeaky clean (without the uncomfortable tightness) feeling.


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